Legna is an established association that is quickly transforming into a world-wide conglomerate. Resting on the foundation of moral values and an impeccable work ethic Legna provides a fresh outlook in the entertainment world and independent event promotions.

Established in 2014, founder Shamar Willis created a business model that changed the way that the entertainment industry was accustomed to existing. Building a solid team of artists and managing them while consulting with the greats in the business Shamar created a cohesive and an agile business model.

Legna plans to continue its current movement by creating sold-out concerts at top venues and venturing into the international market. Recently forming a partnership with Keith Washington, a new venture Legna Connek Group was created. Carrying the same quality and principals into the artist development sector of the business, they have dominated the entertainment scene and formed a Dallas based record label. Currently becoming a household name, future plans for Legna include equity in our hometown of Dallas, TX as well as growth throughout the United States.



Shamar Willis

CEO of Legna Enterprises

Keith Washington

Co-Founder of Legna Connek Group

Ollie Baker

Executive Assistant of Legna Enterprises

Rodney Gee

Artist Management

Paul Cornell

Head of Legna Security

KiEdrick “Crayton”

VP of Marketing & Promotions

Our Partners

The Dream Team